Awareness training is one of the most important factors of progression when learning ELDOA.

Awareness training is one of the most important factors of progression when learning ELDOA.

Are you interested in having an ELDOA class taught at your location? Antidote has consultation experience with corporate entities, athletics programs, and community organizations. ELDOA can be done by all ages and populations, has very few contraindications, and can be taught quickly and utilized for a lifetime. All programs are tailored specifically for your group's needs, abilities, and budget. ELDOA and myofascial stretching is just as essential for strength and conditioning programs as it is for office employees because gravity is a constant, and very few know how to effectively manage it. Contact Antidote today for more information about private group ELDOA coaching in Houston, TX.

ELDOA: Gravity Line

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Simply put, these are postural exercises designed to create space. Everything in the body is connected, and with gravity as a constant force, our upright bodies are constantly fighting compression. Eventually, the weakest link breaks and posture deteriorates. ELDOA is the best tool to generally stabilize and strengthen the spine, or more specifically the core.

ELDOA has been proven to improve blood flow, increase range of motion, reduce pain, improve muscle tone, improve posture, reduce pressure on the discs, and it can even make you taller! These classes are designed to challenge you in ways you have never been challenge before, come see why all the pros are talking about ELDOA!

Antidote is currently only offering ELDOA to privately scheduled groups the greater Houston area. Please click below to contact about bookings.

Back pain has an out-of-pocket cost to the average American of over $7,500 annually based on a 2010 report, and every indication is that those numbers will continue to climb. Lumbago, sciatica, general low-back pain, desk posture, and in many cases sports injury, are all results of compression, inflexibility, dehydration, and stress, all of which are long-term, preventable patterns. I see it far too often as a coach: people will fight absurd amounts of pain to do what they love and spend a small fortune on any number of pain management methods that rarely provide any lasting relief. The ELDOA has helped a number of these very same people develop a long-term solution to correcting and reversing their pain in just minutes a day.