Corporate Wellness

With healthcare costs increasing for both employers and employees, exorbitant wellness programs are among the first company-provided services to be cut. Combined with this trend is a rapidly increasing population of workers suffering from postural injuries directly related to the use of office technology. Antidote provides a solution to the complexity that is required to effectively deal with employee health and wellness concerns while staying within budget. Programs are tailored to your specific needs; ergonomics, individualized treatments, group seminars, exercise coaching, and more, is available for your staff's utilization. 

On-site wellness and exercise therapy can save your company and employees time and money and significantly increase your team's productivity. Preventing injuries before they happen is the best way to prevent long-term disability, time off of work, and job dissatisfaction. You may be equipped with on-site fitness facilities, or just a conference room, but Antidote can start your employees today with just a floor and exercise mat.  They will learn to improve their body's awareness, resulting in better posture and less pain and leading to a mutually beneficial boost in morale, job satisfaction, and long-term savings for the employees, and the company.