Club Consultation

No matter if you are preparing for the season, in-season, or off-season, your athletes need to know what comes next. Getting your running club, team, or unit on a consistent strength program is necessary to build a solid base for competition, but the real advantage comes when a good strength program is combined with the proven ELDOA and myofascial stretching techniques. 

With Antidote, you will receive a program specific to your groups needs with a combination of workout coaching, nutrition consultation as it relates to sports performance, informative seminars, and a structured strength and conditioning program periodized for each phase of the season.

Every type of athlete, from beginner to professional, in any sport can benefit from the Antidote method. Antidote has provided consultation services to competitive athletes in: Ironman triathlon, ACHA college hockey, Olympic Track and Field, USAW, USA Powerlifting, USA Hockey, High school ice hockey (ISHL), UIL football, basketball, baseball, soccer, and track, and more. Antidote has also provided coaching services for big-wave surfers and climbers to wishing to summit peaks over 5000m. There is no limit to what the athlete can do when he is simply made aware of his own power.