Antidote is a wellness and performance coaching practice based in The Woodlands, TX, founded by Jonathan Francis in an effort to address the need for analytically based sports performance coaching and ELDOA in the Woodlands and greater Houston area. Antidote also provides rehabilitative exercise, strength and conditioning, golf performance, personal training, and holistic lifestyle coaching services. By placing emphasis on balance and specificity, you will be given the tools to correct the imbalances created by life, sport, and injury to promote both physical and mental strength and well-being.

I am a 2009 graduate of Texas A&M University and have over 400 hours of continuing education in the Soma Training and Soma Therapy programs. I am also certified through the CHEK Institute as a level 2 Holistic Lifestyle Coach and Exercise coach. Before starting Antidote, I was employed by VillaSport The Woodlands and was consistently in the top three highest ranking personal trainers, working with clients of all ages and abilities. My athletic experience includes varsity soccer and ice hockey, ending in tryouts at the NAHL and BCHL level. I have coaching experience in youth ice hockey, swimming, and surfing and continue to be an avid surfer and waterman with hundreds of hours of experience at sea.
— Jonathan Francis, Founder and Head Coach