Find Your Balance

Life and sport places incredible demands on the body, and your ability to balance these demands determines your longevity.  


Your goals are unique unto you, so your training program will be too. Every client receives an orthopedic assessment to find imbalances and determine susceptibility to injury, a metabolic typing test to ensure optimum nutrition, holistic lifestyle coaching points to further aid recovery, and a comprehensive, periodized training program of strength training, ELDOA, and soft tissue management to ensure that nothing is missed.

As you improve, so does your program, making this the most effective path you can take to bettering yourself. You define your goals; Antidote puts you into balance to achieve them. Click the "Classes" tab for more information.

Maximize Your Performance

It takes energy to maintain balance, so every bit of energy spent trying to maintain a poorly balanced structure in an upright position is energy that is could be spent giving you the advantage.


Most people have heard the phrase, “practice makes perfect,” but it’s actually a misnomer—perfect practice makes perfect. Antidote gives the elite athlete the competitive advantage by finding and correcting limitations in movement and training. No matter your skill-set, you have a weakness that, when exposed, will be the difference between winning and losing. Your aim should be to find those weaknesses on the training floor instead of face-to-face with your opponent. Antidote aims to make your practice perfect.

Contact me today to see why I was consistently a top-three producer during my time  as a personal trainer at VillaSport in The Woodlands, and why top level coaches and athletes from the NHL, NFL, MLB, PGA and NCAA are actively seeking Soma Practitioners to balance their athletes. Click "Coaching" for more information.