Maximize Your Performance

Energy spent trying to maintain a poorly balanced structure in an upright position is energy that would be better spent giving you the advantage.


The phrase, “practice makes perfect,” is wrong—perfect practice makes perfect.

For elite performers, the competitive advantage is found in the details. With a full movement assessment, we will find and correct limitations in your movement patterns. Through that process alone, your performance is guaranteed to improve, no matter your skill-set, because you are choosing to focus on the details.

Marathoners take thousands of steps, but often difference between winning and losing is a quarter inch—a quarter inch is a small detail when compared to twenty miles.  Your want to find those weaknesses on the training floor instead of face-to-face with your opponent. I will help you make your practice perfect.

I've worked in luxury athletic clubs, boutique gyms, and strength and conditioning facilities, but my specialty is helping. Contact me today to see why top level coaches and athletes from the NHL, NFL, MLB, PGA and NCAA are actively seeking Soma Practitioners to balance their athletes. Click "Coaching" for more information.


Find Your Balance

You place demands on your body and your longevity depends on your ability to balance these demands.  


Everyone has different motivations when seeking to improve their fitness. Whether you train to summit peaks, perform better on the field, or just drive the ball a little further—your goals are unique, your training should be as well.

Instead of cookie-cutter bodybuilder training programs, your exercise plan is designed to build a solid foundation of physical awareness and mobility so that strength, power, and stability can be easily and efficiently developed. 

You define your goals; Antidote helps you find the balance to achieve them. Click the "Coaching" tab for more information.